Dan Boyer created Ridgetop Orchards close to the Chestnut Ridge land where he was raised. His father, Allan, had a passion for growing apples and Dan soon developed the same passion. Then, in 1980, together with his wife, Lois, Dan started the orchards on 140 acres of prime ridge top soil. This is where the name “Ridgetop” came from. Dan and Lois continued the Boyer family traditions of growing their premium fruits while raising their 3 children. Today, Ridgetop Orchards consists of over 450 acres dotted with perfect lines of fruit trees. The “ridge” is one of the best sites for growing fruit in the state of Pennsylvania. The high elevation level, ranging from 1500’ – 1800’, promotes cool nights and helps discourage spring frosts, allowing for the best possible fruit coloring and the sweetest of sweetness.

It’s this combination of temperature, good soil and decades of family tradition that allows us to grow our high quality fruit.

We proudly grow our fruits under a low-spray management program called Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. 
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